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Quail Run in the Tribal Business Journal

The Southwest’s leading provider of commercial steel framing

By Lee Allen

Say “Quail Run” and most people would conjure up an image of feathered little critters with top-knots scurrying across the desert.  Others might envision the myriad of similarly-named schools, apartment complexes, golf courses and RV parks.

Few would call to mind Quail Run Building Materials in Phoenix, but that’s in the process of changing now that the company is Native American majority-owned.

The manufacturer of cold-formed steel building components has been quietly going about its business for some 32 years now, beginning as a stucco and drywall supply firm that also offered a   custom brake metal shop.  As the company grew, it incorporated the manufacture of furring and framing components until it morphed into a specialty manufacturer of light-gauge, cold-formed, steel framing components and became “The Southwest’s leading provider of commercial steel framing,” according to a company press release.

Quail Run Building Materials is proud to present it’s Steel Framing Products submittal builder. This software creates custom submittal for your projects complete with products names and specifications to match your company name and the project they are intended for. The products selected here and specifications created are in no way intended for use in construction without consent and approval by the project architect and engineer.

Quail Run Building Materials assumes no liability for the misuse of its products. Please review your contract documents and project specifications for an understanding of the products required for your project.

By clicking the logo below you agree to the terms above and you will be forwarded to the submittal builder. We hope you find this tool helpful and easy to use.

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