Quail Run Building Materials Celebrates 30 Years:

Quail Run Building Materials, Inc., the Southwest’s leading provider of commercial steel framing, is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Over these 30 years of business, Quail Run’s commitment to customer service has remained its highest priority and the company has managed to maintain a level of innovation and quality for all the professionals and craftsmen dealing with it.

Now serving eleven states, the company has never stopped investing in its ability to fulfill its customers' needs and has continually expanded. Equipment has been modernized, capacity increased, and key staff added to develop and improve its quality programs to become compliant with the SSMA, and SFSSA building code compliance programs simultaneously. The sales force was recently strengthened significantly with the addition of a Native American Research and Development staff, as well as an experienced regional sales manager.

In 2013, a milestone was reached as Quail Run establishing a unique partnership with the Ak-Chin Indian Community of Arizona. Native American ownership allows Quail Run’s customers to take advantage of exclusive opportunities in qualifying for such programs as the Buy Indian Act, the Department of Defense IIP, and the SBA’s SDB program as well as enjoying preferential status with most tribal governing bodies.

About Quail Run Building Materials:

Founded in 1986, Quail Run began as a sheet metal shop and building material supply, primarily making hat furring channel and residential trims, while re-selling drywall, plaster, and metal studs and track. Supply chain difficulties rapidly dictated that Quail Run launch its own line of framing products, which are now its principal product line.

Today, Quail Run is proudly Native American owned by the Ak-Chin Indian community of Arizona. Quail Run manufactures commercial steel framing and accessories, HVAC sheet metal components, panel products, roof and stucco trims, as well as custom brake and roll form products.  “We could not have come this far without the loyal support and hard work of each member of the Quail Run team, present and past, and of course we can never thank our customers enough”. We look forward to the next 30 years with great anticipation.

For more information on Quail Run Building Materials, Inc. visit http://www.Qrbm.com

For more information on the Ak-Chin Indian Community visit http://www.ak-chin.nsn.us